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The Wildspitze Ski Club Snowsports program has been introduced to encourage the development of Snowsports skills, safety and camaraderie amongst the Wildspitze community.

We encourage all members to spread the word amongst your families to ensure everyone gets the opportunity to benefit from this generous program. There are four components to the program:

1. Wildspitze Snowsports Sponsorship for Juniors

The sponsorship offers funding of $150 each for up to 10 juniors. The monies may be used towards the cost of interschool racing, private race training or any junior development offered by Perisher’s Winter Sports Club Development Programs. 

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2. Wildspitze Ski Clinic for Adults

This clinic will take place during the month of August. A clinic for 12 people will be run in conjunction with the Perisher Ski School with Wildspitze funding the ski instructor. Members do not need to be accommodated at the Lodge at the time of clinic to be eligible to participate.

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3.Wildspitze X-Country Sponsorship

The clinic will be held on Thursday 29th August.  This clinic, for 12 people, will be run in conjunction with Wilderness Sports with Wildspitze reimbursing the cost of lesson & hire. Members who are unable to attend the clinic can book any Thursday during the season and, provided you can produce a receipt, can claim reimbursement under the Club’s sponsorship program.

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4. The Smiggins Bowl and Shield

This is both a competitive and fun filled event depending on your motivation. It will be held on the first Saturday of the September school holidays each year, Sept 21, 2019) and is open to all ages and levels of ability. The idea is to have fun and bring the team together to represent the Club. 

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5. Wildspitze Club Champions

Junior, adult & veteran champions across male & female age groups will be awarded based on times recorded during the Smiggins Bowl and Shield. Further information and application forms can be found in the attachment

5. Further Information

Please pass this information on to your family members to avoid disappointment.

If you require further information, please contact